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Our Story

Slow down once you hit 50? Forget about it! We are here to prove that life only gets more exciting.

Gone are the days of accepting we are past our prime, we are here to help you embrace your youthful spirit and rebel against slowing down.

We are an organised running football team for men over 50 with fun in mind. We welcome players of all abilities and backgrounds, creating an inclusive environment for men looking to socialise and improve their health for daytime sessions.

Our sessions are a chance to switch off from stresses of everyday life and enjoy the beautiful game with like minded players. 

And what's football without a bit of camaraderie off the field? with a chance to get together socially after, it's not just about what happens on the field.

Starting a football group for men over 50 is an initiative that breaks the stereotype of aging and encourages a healthy, active lifestyle well beyond what society typically expects. Our emphasis on inclusivity, health, fitness, and fun, not to mention giving you the opportunity to socialize, is exactly the kind of positive environment that can lead to both physical and mental benefits for all members.
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