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Joining Information

  • To avoid over subscribing sessions, we limit numbers in each session relative to the size of pitch.

  • ​You will be allocated your preferred regular day and time as your weekly session. 

  • ​If you want to try an initial session first, it is £6 payable in advance.​The cost is £25 per month, payable quarterly in advance.​

  • Once subscribed members have confirmed or declined their slots, any remaining playing places are yours to claim at no additional charge. Feel free to join as many extra sessions as you like for each week, based on availability.​​

  • The safety and enjoyment of all participants is prioritised by tailoring our games to accommodate diverse fitness levels and abilities. ​

  • Our approach includes implementing modified rules, such as prohibiting slide tackles and enforcing stricter controls on physical contact, to minimize the risk of injury. ​

  • Additionally, each session begins with thorough warm-ups and concludes with proper cool downs, further reducing the likelihood of injuries​

  • ​​As these are friendly kickabouts, we referee ourselves. 

  • For further information contact us below. - whatsapp_PNG95155.png

Contact us via Email

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