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1. Health Benefits.

The physical and mental health benefits of participating in our football sessions gives you regular exercise which can improve cardiovascular health, flexibility, and strength, which are incredibly important as we age. It also offers mental health benefits, including reduced risk of depression, improved cognitive function, and better sleep.​

2. Adaptability and Safety.

We ensure that the games are adapted to cater to varying fitness levels and abilities. We take into consideration, implementing modified rules to minimize the risk of injury, such as no slide tackles and stricter controls on physical contact. Regular warm-ups and cool-downs are integral to every session to further reduce injury risk.​

3. Community Building.

We use the group as a platform to build a strong sense of community among all participants. The social aspect can be just as beneficial as the physical workout. We have a social media group, where members can communicate, share their progress, and plan social activities outside of football.​

4. Focus on Fun.

While competition can be motivating for some, remember the primary goal is fun, fitness, and camaraderie. we keep sessions light-hearted and enjoyable, ensuring everyone, regardless of skill level, feels welcome and valued.​

5. Regular Events and Tournaments.

The aim is to organise regular events and friendly tournaments. We find these can serve as great motivational goals for our members to work towards and can also attract broader community attention to our group. It’s also a fun way to assess improvement and celebrate the community we are building.​

6. Gather Feedback.

We regularly ask for feedback from the members to see what works well and what could be improved. This could cover everything from the structure of the sessions to the social activities planned. Active participation in decision-making strengthens our community and ensures the program remains responsive to the group's needs.

​7. Professional Guidance.
We also invite professionals to offer advice and guidance occasionally. This is in the form of guest coaches, fitness trainers specializing in working with older adults and health professionals who provide workshops on nutrition, injury prevention, or mental health.

By establishing this group, we are not just offering a chance to play football; we are creating a supportive community that challenges aging stereotypes and proves that life’s adventures don’t stop at any age.

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